Amazon Cruises

Amazon Cruises: Having Fun With the Dolphins

Amazon cruises take you to many unique places, spots that you couldn't experience if you weren't on a cruise. For example, you can take a trip down the Amazon and spot the fantastic pink dolphins, a unique river species that isn't too far removed from its sisters in the ocean.

The population of these dolphins is high enough that you're almost guaranteed to see them on any cruise down the Amazon. And they love attention! When they see your cruise ship, they're likely to leap through the air, spin, and perform other trips to amuse you and themselves as well.

When you spot these dolphins on one of your Amazon cruises, you have a choice to make. Many guides will allow you to swim with the dolphins, as long as the river is safe and nobody is endangered. In this situation, you'll get the chance to experience wildlife as you never have before.

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