Ecuador Vacation

Best Ecuador Vacation Ideas

An Ecuador vacation may not have been on your itinerary in the near future, but why not? This incredible country is finally getting the attention that it deserves for its fantastic wildlife, its diverse culture, and some of the best food in South American. A visit to Quito, the capital city, is a great first stop.

Quito is an excellent example of the modern nature of South America and other continents like it: if you base your perception of these continents on old movies, you'd never realize how exciting and fun these destinations can be to visit. At over 9,000 feet, Quito is the highest capital city in the world and a unique destination.

As tourism has yet to become a huge situation, residents of Quito are often quite friendly and very easy-going. Often, they love visitors and will take great pains to ensure that you are comfortable during your stay. And you can check out some amazing museums and foodie destinations while you're here on your Ecuador vacation.