Inca Ruins Tour

Things You Might Learn During an Inca Ruins Tour of Machu Picchu

Nobody Ecuador without taking an Inca ruins tour of Machu Picchu. This incredible city stands as a testimony to the strength and stability of the Inca Empire and a sad reminder of its passing. Who knows what kind of glory and history you would have learned if the civilization remained strong?

For example, you can visit Machu Picchu and take stunning sunrise photos that your friends will greatly envy. Then, you can learn about the unique elements of the city, such as the fact that it wasn't at all "lost" by the Incas but was a cultural capital that the civilization used for centuries.

And while you're checking out the stones, you might learn that these Inca ruins were built to withstand earthquakes, a common problem in Ecuador. Amazingly, Machu Picchu was built on two fault lines, and the Inca construction techniques were so great that they still stand to this day in spite of many quakes.