Trekking In Ecuador

Volcanoes for the Best Trekking in Ecuador

A growing number of tourists are trekking in Ecuador due to the astounding amount of volcanoes in the area. There are many that you can safely visit and explore, which will bring you closer to one of nature's most wild and unpredictable forces but in a totally safe environment.

For example, Volcano Rucu Pichincha has an eight-dollar cable car trip that takes you up near the top of the volcano. From here, you have a three-hour journey that takes you to some unforgettable areas. And destinations like Rucu Pichincha have a similar presence that makes them very exciting to visit.

Trekking in Ecuador is all about knowing the best mountains and volcanoes to visit and planning a careful trip to each. These volcanoes are typically not active but are an incredible place to visit if you love natural beauty. So why not try out this destination for your next family trip? You won't be disappointed.