Visit Inca Ruins

Lesser-Known Options for When You Visit Inca Ruins

Although Machu Picchu is a great vacation destination when trying to visit Inca Ruins, there are many other ruins that you can check out. These areas are protected and guarded to ensure that they are safe and provide a unique historical insight into this area that you can't get otherwise.

For example, 'Cuzco's Sacsayhuaman Fortress is on a large hill that represents an incredible archaeological find that shouldn't be ignored. Likewise, Sacsayhuaman Fortress Cusco and Ollantaytambo serve as important historical sites, with the latter the palace of Emperor Pachacuti.

All of these sites are a great choice if you want to visit Inca ruins that are a bit off the beaten path. These ruins typically have guided tours and professionals who can take you here, tell you about their historical importance, and showcase vital aspects of each that make them stand out.