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$245 - $ 533

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Itamandi EcoLodge

Amazon Lodge Ecuador

Starting at $ 255

Per person

3 - 4 Days


38 Guests

19 Rooms

At Itamandi Eco Lodge, we offer inviting spaces to relax after your captivating Amazon Rainforest tours. Enjoy comfortable rooms with electricity, a spacious dining room perfect for family and fellow adventurers, an eco-friendly, toxin-free pool, and exceptional service to enhance your stay.

Lodge Rooms

Superior Suite


2 - 4


24 m² / 258 ft²

Double Twin: Features two single beds, a private bathroom, and hot water.
Matrimonial: Designed for two guests, includes one double bed, a private bathroom, and hot water.
Triple: Accommodates three with three single beds, a private bathroom, and hot water.
Family: Perfect for four, offers one double bed, two single beds, a private bathroom, and hot water.

Standard Room


2 - 4


20 m² / 215 ft²



    - Paddle Away: Glide along the serene river currents in a canoe.
    - Trail Blazers: Trek through the lush jungle and discover nature’s secrets.
    - Cultural Immersion: Experience the rich heritage of the Kichwa indigenous community.
    - Wildlife Haven: Visit the AmaZOOnico Rescue Center.
    - Island Mysteries: Explore the enigmatic Anaconda Island.
    - Feathered Friends: Witness the vibrant spectacle at the Parrot clay licks Saladero.
    - Nocturnal Thrills: Dare to venture on a night hike in the jungle’s mysterious realm.
    - River Drifting: Relax and float downstream with a fun tubbing session.



Option 1

3-Days Standard


USD per person

Operation days:

Daily Departures

Amazon macaw .jpg

Option 2

4-Days Standard


USD per person

Operation days:

Daily Departures


Option 3

3-Days Superior


USD per person

Operation days:

Daily Departures


Option 4

4-Days Superior


USD per person

Operation days:

Daily Departures

Sample Itinerary



Arrival and Night Hike in the Jungle

Our Amazon adventure begins at the Arajuno Bridge, where we board a motorized canoe for a 20-minute journey upriver through the lush tropical forest to Itamandi Eco Lodge. As we navigate the winding river, you'll be captivated by the enchanting beauty of the Amazon rainforest, often referred to as the lifeblood of Pacha Mama (Mother Earth). 

Upon arrival at the Itamandi Eco Lodge dock, our friendly staff will greet you. You'll then relax in the lounge with a refreshing tropical snack. One of our naturalist guides will provide a brief orientation about the lodge and its activities. Then we have a night hike in the jungle, bring a flashlight and camera to capture the sounds and sights of bats, owls, insects, tarantulas, toads, frogs, and more creatures. Clear skies reveal countless stars.



Hike in the Jungle and Visit Kichua Community

After breakfast, we embark on a walk through both primary and secondary forests, an activity that lasts about 2.5 to 3 hours, immersing us in the rich biodiversity of the Amazon.

In the afternoon, we delve into a cultural experience with a visit to an Amazonian Kichwa community. Here, we'll learn about their unique way of life and how they interact with the jungle. This encounter reveals aspects of the Amazon not found on maps, showcasing the daily lives of its people. Part of our visit includes sharing the famous "chicha," a fermented yucca drink integral to their festivities and daily routines. We'll participate in preparing this drink and sample traditional dishes. The visit concludes with a traditional dance performed by the community's children, and we'll have the opportunity to purchase handicrafts made by local artisans, supporting the indigenous people's daily lives.



Discovering Amazing Creatures on Anaconda Island

We take a 40-minute canoe ride to visit "Anaconda Island," where we can spot the prehistoric Hoatzin bird, squirrel monkeys, and woolly monkeys, among others. We'll also meet a family from an indigenous community to learn about their farming practices, medicinal plants, and ancestral hunting methods using blowguns and handmade traps.

In the afternoon we will visit the Amazoonico, a rescue center for various Amazonian animals, some endangered. Unlike a zoo, Amazoonico provides a sanctuary where we can observe these animals up close in their natural habitat, gaining a deeper understanding of their lives and the conservation efforts to protect them.



Parrots Saladero and Departure

Early in the morning, we embark on a 15-minute canoe ride upriver to visit the Saladero de Parrots. This special spot attracts parrots and parakeets, who come to consume the mineral-rich clay that aids in digesting the fruits and seeds they've eaten. Watching hundreds of these vibrant birds gather in the treetops before descending to the clay wall is a truly unique experience. Bringing binoculars will enhance your enjoyment of this magnificent natural spectacle.

Our tour concludes at 9:30 am with a 20-minute motorized canoe ride back to the Arajuno bridge. 

Please note that the visit to the Saladero de Aves is weather-dependent.

What’s included

Guide: English-speaking native.

Transport: Arajuno River Bridge to/from Itamandi.

Accommodation: Room of choice.

Gear: Life jackets, boots (EU 36-44).

Meals: The tour starts with lunch and

ends with breakfast

Itinerary: Scheduled excursions & activities in the pre-established itinerary, related to the number of nights (Shared groups).

Not included

✘ Admission: $10 per person for Community/AmaZOOnico.

✘ Transport: Round-trip between Quito and Arajuno River Bridge.

✘ Additional Costs: Beverages and personal expenditures.

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